October 4th through 20th (Historical Drama)
WINNER of the 1977 Tony Award for BEST ACTRESS.

She rarely left her bedroom. She requested her papers be burned. And yet, Emily Dickinson is widely considered one of the English-speaking world’s greatest poets.  This beautiful, award winning play explores the life of America's greatest woman poet at various stages in her experience from the age of 15, when she was full of hope and success, until she died at 56, a virtual recluse and penniless closing her door forever against society.  Starring San Diego's own, Terri Park as Emily Dickinson
"Should be seen in every state  of Emily's America."   - Newsweek.​
RUNNING TIME: 85 minutes with no intermission

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Adult Shows

December 6 through 22nd (Musical)

​It's Christmas time at the 'Garden of Eatin' diner in the heart of Hogeye, Arkansas.  Owner's, Dottie and Digger, are setting the place up for their annual Christmas Eve Thank You party.  Just as everyone is arriving, a freak snowstorm hits stranding everyone inside.  As the evening unfolds a mysterious couple shows up at the front door because there was no room at the Hogeye Holiday Inn.  Great music and great fun all wrapped up in the holiday spirit.

​Tickets!  - (760) 728-1002 or (760) 505-6839

​Our 2024 season is FILLED with musicals, comedy's, original works and San Diego PREMIER'S! 

Season 20 at the Broadway Theater is going to prove to be one of our best seasons yet .​​

Our 2024 Season of Shows is our biggest and brightest season yet.

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September 6th through 22nd  (Musical)
It's Saturday night, September 1st 1945. Mona Clifton, owner of the Blue Note Club in St. Louis, has decided that tonight's traditional Saturday night radio broadcast, (heard throughout the city), will be the last one. After four years of war, the club has seen it's clientele all but disappear forcing Mona to sell her beloved club to pay off creditors.  As her loyal performers arrive she just can't bring herself to tell them that this will be the final show - or will it?  Filled with WONDERFUL World War II music and nostalgia, 
Hot Night at the Blue Note will have you tapping your toes and reaching for tissues at the same time. PERFECT show for clubs and groups!  To find out more about groups rates
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RUNNING TIME: 1 hour and 20 minutes.  No intermission

May 3rd through 19th (Musical Review)

In 1927 the first movie musical premiered.  It was an instant hit and studios all over Hollywood clammered to re-create its success. 97 years later the movie musical is as popular as ever. Join us this May at the Broadway Theater as we celebrate 'The Music From the Movies'.  

If you liked our 2023 production of 'Made in the U.S.A' you will LOVE 'Lights, Camera, Action!'

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RUNNING TIME:  1 hour and 30 minutes - no intermission.

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The Gala

San Diego County's

BIGGEST little theater!

April 5th through 21st (Comedy / Drama)

Winner of eight 2017 TONY Award Nominations.
​The play begins with a knock on the door — the same door that was slammed shut fifteen years earlier when Nora exited at the end of Ibsen's play. Now she has returned having become a successful feminist novelist. A fast-paced and contemporary sequel that answers all your questions, and also stands perfectly well on its own.
CAUTIONS:  Some adult language.  RUNNING TIME:  1 hour and 30 minutes - no intermission
"A smart, funny and utterly engrossing play.  A DOLL*S HOUSE, PART 2 gives vibrant theatrical life to the conversations that many of us had after first reading or seeing its prototype"  - The New York Times.

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May 31st through June 16th (Comedy /Drama)
Winner of two 1981 TONY Award Nominations.
This brilliantly funny yet compassionate play explores the conflict between an established older priest, (Father Farley), and the impassioned young seminarian, (Mark Dolson), who challenges the validity of his well-routined regimen. While the subjects they discuss can, at times, be very serious, the conflict between the older, staid priest and the young firebrand is hilarious and heart warming.
CAUTIONS:  Some adult language and situations.  RUNNING TIME:  2 hours with intermission
“There are few more invigorating theatrical experiences than hearing the voice of a gifted writer for the first time.” —The New York Times.

Tickets!  - (760) 728-1002 or (760) 505-6839

November 8th through 24th (Comedy)
Nick, a single American - Italian, has been living with his Grandparents in new jersey since his parents moved to Florida.  now he has to say goodbye because he has been offered a job in Seattle.  To say his Grandparents are 'unhappy' is an understatement.  In what resembles a C.I.A. operative, the Grandparents, call in backups:  His OTHER Grand-parents!  Together these four, fired up Italians, make it their goal to keep Nick at home.
"A hilarious family comedy that is even funnier than DiPietro's long-running musical revue 
'I Love You, You*re Perfect, Now Change'. - Backstage.

RUNNING TIME:  2 hours with an intermission

Tickets!  - (760) 728-1002 or (760) 505-6839

March 15, 16, 17

Over the past 20 years, The Broadway Theater has produced 168 adult and youth productions...168!
This March, owners Randall Hickman and Douglas Davis will be joined on stage by some of your favorite performers as we reflect back, and give you a 'sneak peak' at our 2024 season of shows.  
Singing, dancing and lots of laughs followed by a wide array of hors d'oeuvres in the lobby

All the proceeds from the gala will go right back into our 2024 season -

our biggest, brightest and best season yet.

​Tickets!  - (760) 728-1002 or (760) 505-6839