December 8th through 17th - 2023
13 years ago Broadway Theater owners, Randall Hickman and Douglas Davis, debuted their two person - 11 character - dysfunctional family Christmas Party on the Broadway Theater Stage. A year later, it moved to the Welk Resort Theater for a very successful 3 week run. To this day, it is STILL the  most requested 'please, bring it back again,' show we've ever done.  We aim to please! We've added new characters and updated the family party to reflect a post-pandemic get together.  So, if you think you've already seen the haven't.  

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Adult Shows

September 8th through 23rd - 2023

"...There is a reason this play makes it's way to stages all over the world every year.  The ridiculous situations, memorable characters and the physical comedy make it just about perfect."

 Written in 1892, it tells the story of how Jack and Charley create a chaperone - an Aunt - out of their male friend, Fancourt, so they can date Amy and Kitty.  Hysterical from start to finish.

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​Our 2023 season is FILLED with musicals, comedy's, original works and San Diego PREMIER'S!  Season 19 at the Broadway Theater is going to prove to be one of our best seasons yet - Not one show is like another. 

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April 21st through May 7th - 2023


'The Last Romance' shows audiences that few things in life can make the human heart beat young again like the feeling of falling in love. That is what happens to 80-year-old Ralph and the slightly-younger Carol, who happen upon each other in the local dog park, setting their hearts aflutter in the best ways.

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Joe Di Pietro's


Thursday's, Friday's and Saturday's at 7:30 p.m.  Saturday's and Sunday's at 2:00 p.m.

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​October 13th through 29th - 2023

The year was 1988. A young actor, Douglas Davis, was cast as Groucho Marx in new Musical set to run 3 weeks.. 35 years later and he's STILL playing Groucho! During the Pandemic, Randall Hickman began researching Groucho's life and started putting together a show that would flex Doug's 'Groucho chops.'  Last year a short version of the show got a try out in our Dinner Theater endeavor and audiences loved it.  An evening of songs, jokes, and little known facts, performed by Groucho's biggest fan. 

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San Diego County's

BIGGEST little theater!

November 17th through December 3rd - 2023 

No other Country has produced more genres of music than America.  From Big Band to Jazz, and from Country to the birth of Rock and Roll.  This wonderful 90 minute musical will feature the talents of some of your favorite Broadway Theater performers.  Here's a thought...Do you have family in town for Thanksgiving weekend?  This production will playing, so share your favorite little theater with family! Once they experience the WORST OPPORTUNITY DRAWING ON THE WEST COAST, they'll be hooked!

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August 4th through 20th - 2023  (*These are the NEW playing dates)

"...It is all to the good; more than good — exceptional. Mark St. Germain's “Eleanor” is a just-about-perfect object lesson in theater as a storytelling medium at its very best"

Eleanor tells the story of the tumultuous relationship between her and Franklin Delano Roosevelt.  Along the way she shares bittersweet memories of romance politics, and infidelity. Often funny...often shocking...always entertaining. Starring San Diego's own, Deborah Wenck as Eleanor.

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